*During the Covid-19 pandemic clinics will be reduced in number to ensure social distancing*

Treatment Room
Monday to Friday 9.00am-5.00pm (Blood tests taken up to 3.30pm Monday - Thursday and up to 3pm on Friday)
Available for tests, dressings, injections and blood pressure checks.

*By appointment ONLY during COVID period-please ring 02871378507*


Childhood Clinics

Wednesday 9.15-11.15am - 8 week checks, 1st, 2nd, 3rd immunisations, 12 month vaccines, and pre-school immunisations

Health visitor, Practice nurse and doctor in attendance.
Please do not bring sick babies to the baby clinic. Instead, contact appointments desk and request that baby can be seen.

Complex Co-morbidity  Clinic

All patients with complex medical conditions including diabetes, stroke, dementia, and heart problems will be offered an annual appointment in the month of their birthday.  This is an important annual review, so we encourage all patients to attend. You will see the nurse to have your blood tests done and these will be reviewed by the doctor. 

Respiratory Clinic (for Asthma & COPD)

*During Covid-19 pandemic this will be a virtual clinc (the nurse will phone you and may arrange a video call via Zoom*
Four clinics per week - check days with receptionist

Practice Nurses Dympna Duffy and Fiona McCauley in attendance. Covers all aspects of respiratory (asthma & COPD) care from diagnosis to treatment. Please make an appointment with the receptionist.

Smear And Contraceptive Clinics
Two clinics per week Check days with receptionist.

Practice Nurses Dympna Duffy and Fiona McCauley in attendance. Smears taken, advice on contraception given including contraceptive implants - Nexplanon . Patients aged 24-65 years will receive a letter to remind them to make an appointment when a routine smear test is due.  Appointments can also be made if you experience any concerning symptoms, even if a test is not due. Please make an appointment with the receptionist.

Hypertension Clinic
Clinic for patients with high blood pressure. Appointment letters sent to all patients in this group.

Minor Surgery Clinic
Fortnightly on a Friday - 9.00-11am
Doctors Doohan or McLaughlin. Treatment of warts, verrucae, excision of small cysts and abscesses and joint injections.

Stroke Clinic
All patients who have had a stroke or TIA are offered a review at the practice following their stroke. Appointment letters are sent out.

Mental Health Review
All patients suffering from long-term mental health problems are offered an annual review at the practice. Appointment letters are sent out.

INR Clinic
Weekly clinic for all patients on warfarin medication. Please make an appointment with the receptionist.

Flu Vaccination Clinic
October/November/December - Notices will be displayed in the surgery. Vaccination given by treatment room nurses or practice nurses. This vaccine is particularly recommended for young patients aged 2-4years, patients with heart, lung or kidney problems, diabetes and all patients aged 65years plus. Appointment letters and texts will be sent to eligible patients.

We have two counsellors working in the Practice.  Patients with mild or moderate depression or anxiety may be referred by the doctor.

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